Project Details

The ITEA 2 CareWare project aims to develop and leverage novel unobtrusive cyber physical systems for monitoring and advancing personal health and wellbeing. Applications are envisaged in remote care of older people or rehabilitation patients, personal wellbeing services for self-care and sports and occupational health.



The CareWare project confronts some of the biggest challenges of modern times: how to build digital service innovations into the market enabling productivity enhancement through optimal use of real-world assets such as novel textile integrated, wearable sensor solutions, novel mobile communication and platform solutions. The medical use cases of the project will have impact on several societal challenges from evaluating the impact of different medicines under development to facilitating the work of the medical team to adapt the medical treatment and care to a person’s real situation.



The Careware project, which includes leading industrial partners, research and educational centres, and innovative start-ups, will provide new solutions for CPS based digital service innovation bridging the gap between the electronic textile technologies, advanced sensor technologies and application platforms.

The novel CareWare ecosystem will use an open and common architecture reference model stimulating the development of the participating partners’ products and know-how to implement novel proofs of concept in the health and wellbeing context.

This will allow the introduction of new combinations and integration of the sensor technologies in the textiles, a reference model and open building blocks to enable the development of a wide variety of cooperative novel services, systems and appliances, new sensor integrations within the existing platform solutions, and support of novel methodologies to build IOT-based service innovations in the market.

Value Chain Careware


Among the expected results of CareWare project will be durable versatile sensors that are mass producible, easy to integrate into production processes and deliver accurate information, sensors and actuators integrated in clothing or for use in wearable cyber physical systems, ready-to-use platforms including sensor data communication, data processing algorithms providing personal health information and dynamic databases allowing data model expansion. The innovative value-driven concepts will benefit the user, user’s social environment and society by making health monitoring as easy as checking your watch, and combining the monitoring with care and/ or coaching services in a compelling way. The health, quality of life, safety and efficiency of the user will be enhanced simply by wearing  ‘intelligent’ clothes and following personalised guidance. The resulting savings from lower costs of care and more efficient working hours will be considerable and provide significant opportunities for the companies that use CareWare results, which support a healthier society at the same time.


Project start :January 2015

Project end :December 2017

Project leader : Delphine SENECHAL

Project email :