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ALSICO produces professional clothing, work clothes and technical protection wear for the industrial and medical sector and for services. ALSICO is leader in the ‘clean room’ garments for operation theatres in Europe, South-Eastern Asia and the United States. ALSICO has expert knowledge on manufacturing of workwear and of the latest trends within this market. It has experience with this market for several years.



CTB is the scientific and technical centre for the Belgian Textile industry, located in the heart of the Belgian textile industry with strong links to the majority of the 1000 textile companies. CTB offers a complete range of standardised testing, is a notified body for the certification of protective clothing and can deliver CE marking and testing. CTB is also involved in standardisation committees related to textile and offers technological advice and training to companies in Belgium or abroad. The research focus of CTB is on applied research, funded by private contract as well as state and international agencies (e.g. FP6, FP7, Eureka, Eranet). Additionally, some well selected subjects for strategic research are followed, being (i) smart textiles, (ii) innovative finishing, coating and laminating formulations and technology, (iii) biomedical interactions of textiles (incl. biocidal activity, cytotoxicity), (iv) polymer formulation and extrusion processes (incl. biopolymers), (v) composites and (vi) implementation of nanotechnology.
Centexbel is an RTD partner in the Research for SMEs projects PUMA and BABYCARESLEEP, which both deal specifically with the integration of biosensors into textiles for medical and care uses. It is also a key partner in the FP7 projects PLACE-It (large area flexible electronics) and POWERWEAVE (development of batteries and photovoltaic cells on yarns), which both deal with smart textiles topics.
CTB is currently coordinating CEN WG31 Smart textiles, which is dedicated to the standardisation of smart textiles. It is also coordinating the FP7 project SUSTA-SMART, which is also dealing with standardisation of smart textiles.



Esperity is the world’s first social media network designed to help cancer patients manage their   quality of life better, while connecting and sharing information with other patients worldwide. Esperity offers tools and services in healthcare to monitor medication adherence and manage patient reported outcome data. For the patient, Esperity brings empowerment and reduces isolation. Esperity brings knowledge on patient behaviour and interaction on treatment outcome.

Key features include: monitoring patterns, the disease’s progression, drug interactions, or side medication at the right time. Information can stay private to the patient, but he or she can also choose to share selected data with the Esperity network, to create a global knowledge base. Esperity also enables patients to ‘twin’ with people suffering from the same cancer, anywhere in the world.



NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. A global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25 countries, NXP posted revenue of $4.2 billion in 2011. Additional information can be found by visiting

NXP Semiconductors Belgium (NXP-Be) brings together some Central Research and Development groups with the advanced development groups of some business units. The NXP-BE activities will be realized by the PL (Product Line) Personal Health, part of the Business Line Emerging Business. The PL Personal Health focuses on the development and sale of low power ICs for healthcare applications and on the development of licensable IP cores. About 140 people are working at NXP-Be, among which about 40 people are active in the PL Personal Health. Taking into account subcontractors, about 90 people are working for this Product Line.

The PL Personal Health has extensive experience in the field of ultra-low power solutions, including ultra-low power multi-core DSP’s and ultra-low power magnetic induction radios. This expertise is already applied in a number of different fields including but not limited to: Software defined radio baseband processing, multi-standard radio basebands, satellite and terrestrial digital radio, portable audio players, mobile phones, high end audio, hearing devices, speech enhancement and noise cancellation, co-processor for relieving host of DSP intensive tasks, multi-core use for scalable performance and wireless body area networks.



Sirris is the collective centre of the Belgian technological industry. Sirris helps companies in the implementation of technological innovations, with the goal to strengthen the competitive position of these companies over the long-term. Sirris experts visit companies on site, offer companies technological advice, launch innovation paths, and provide guidance until the implementation phase.



SoftKinetic Sensors (SKS) is a Brussels, Belgium-based fab-less semiconductor company with the single mission to provide 3D time-of-flight (“TOF”;) Sensor Solutions and 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras for building 3D gesture-based interfaces.

SKS has the ambition to become a major industrial actor in the domain of sensors/imagers CMOS 3D TOF. This is based upon the assumption that the gesture-based control will be used as a new interface between man and machine (PC, Set-top box, Smart phone, machine vision, Smart spaces, robots,..) to make this an important horizontal market between 2012 and 2015 which may offer several opportunities to sell the sensors, systems and know-how to different actors and intermediates. Together with its partner SoftKinetic Software, SKS has integrated and optimized a commercial depth sensing camera and Software Development Kit (SDK) for best performance and quality in building 3D gesture-based applications and interfaces. This end-to-end solution enables fully immersive, transparent and intuitive user experiences by providing 3D real-time hardware to Interactive Digital Entertainment, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Applications and Health Equipment manufacturers.



SoftKinetic Software (SKSW) provides commercial 3D gesture recognition software and tools, bundled into iisu®SDK. The middleware supports full body tracking as well as finger and hand tracking. iisu’s full body tracking library provides multi-user tracking for up to four players, capturing the user’s movements in real-time with volumetric information, individual body parts and full body skeleton extraction. iisu also identifies the main user and computes statistical data, including user height, body and torso orientations, centre of mass, chest and pelvis direction, etc. iisu’s close interaction library provides position and orientation tracking of 2 hands palm, individual finger tips tracking and poses recognition.

Since 2003, SoftKinetic Software has evolved continuously thanks to the advanced research activities. The team consists of highly skilled engineers, focussing on computer vision for 3D analysis, the architecture of the SDK and natural interaction design.



Televic develops manufactures and installs top end high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets.

To achieve success, the group is divided into independent companies that each focus on their specific market:

  • Televic Rail: passenger information systems on trains
  • Televic Healthcare: communication systems for healthcare
  • Televic Conference: conference systems for large venues
  • Televic Education: multimedia and e-learning solutions for staff training and educational institutions
  • Televic AV: audio-visual installations

In CareWare project Televic will investigate the possible integration of its personal alarm and communication system for homecare applications in a textile carrier. A second aspect that will be investigated is the use of the alarm and communication system as a gateway for several sensors placed on the human body (e.g. respiration, heart rate, spO2, _). Televic will also contribute to the definition of the requirements for suitable sensor hosts and for making sensors wearable.


Eolane is a leading French (n°3 in Europe) industrial services provider in the field of professional electronics. Eolane deploys its skills as both: Electronics Manufacturing Services – EMS, Original Development Manufacturer ODM (designer and manufacturer of electronic products according to customer specifications). In 2012, the global turnover reached approximately 400 m€, with 3,300 people working together at Eolane (220 are dedicated to R&D, 650 are working abroad).Through partnerships with industries and laboratories, Eolane is involved in many Wireless Sensor Network challenges. Therefore Smart-Sensing is in Eolane’s R&D mainstream.

Eolane is currently involved in several R&D projects at French national level (DéGIV…) and at European level (SPY, MACICO). If market addressed by CareWare’s applications is one of business opportunities for Éolane, the “Gateway”; ‘s service oriented software platform developed as an embedded brick can be adapted to address market sectors with smart sensors needs and in consistency with our positioning : – Defence / Civil Security / Naval, – Civil Aviation / Space, – Railway / Public Transport, – Energy / Natural Resources, – Medical / Health / Well-Being, – Industry / Industrial Equipment, – Telecom / Multimedia, – Automotive / Rolling Stock.



Institut Mines Telecom (IMT) is a research organization in France. In CareWare, the IMT will provide the Pilot infrastructure to store, prepare and analyse all CareWare “Big Data corpus and databases”.

Capitalizing on Big Data platform for Research and Experimentation (i.e. BADAP), IMT will make available and support Infrastructure as a Service as well as selected analytics tools.

This platform will allow Business stakeholders to develop the CareWare application based on specifications delivered by the Uses Cases activities



Santech is a software editor specializing in e-health and well-begin platforms. We develop and commercialize a customizable multiservice platform that help organize all the services that are required to improve and to facilitate independent living of ageing people, people suffering from chronic disease, etc.



Founded in 1931, company Audimas AB, (Lithuania) is a market leader in the development, design and manufacture of functional sports and leisure clothing in the Baltic states. Company focusing on sports apparel and technical textile products -latest ‘functional’, technology-based sportswear.

Today, the company employs more than 450 people and has a turnover of approximately €25 million.

Audimas AB has two businesses: (1) a garment supply operation, i.e. the Supply business and (2) a sports clothing brand and retail operation, i.e. the Brand business

1) the ‘supply business offers supply solutions in sports clothing that call for advanced production technologies and high quality. The Company has solid skills in product development and production for European premium sports brands.

This is where Audimas execute the main phases in the supply chain process, from product development and material procurement, to manufacturing and distribution. The main benefits for European brands are short delivery terms, high reliability and the fast turnaround of repeat orders. Company able to offer an increasing range of value-added services and can also provide integrated supply solutions that call for advanced production technologies and high quality. The company’s technical platform and core skills create the opportunity for further expansion of the supply operation.

2) In Brand business, the Company develops and distributes sports clothing under Audimas brand. Audimas brand ranks among the top sports and active wear apparel brands in Lithuania. The regional brand operation’, which covers the development of propriety sports lifestyle apparel collections and the distribution of sports clothing through retail and franchise shops in the Baltic countries. The company’s brand business accounted for 35 per cent of its consolidated sales.

Looking to innovation as very important tool, company involved in the latest ‘no-sew’ technology, laser cutting, different printing technologies, which offers much lighter, cleaner look , flat seams and additional design possibilities, including the use of the latest stretch fabrics. Dynamic and independent company, are able to respond quickly to these technological developments; can move from new market driven demands to the finished product within few weeks.



Kauno technologijos universitetas (KTU), also known as Kaunas University of Technology, is one of the largest technical university in the Baltic States. KTU is situated in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania, which is a significant centre of industry, transport, science and culture. Dating back to 1922, the University has developed a great potential for studies and research, and became visible in the international arena.

KTU is famous throughout the world for its breakthroughs in ultrasound, organic chemistry, mechatronics, system diagnostics, environmental engineering and in many other fields of science. The University successfully implements European education programmes and closely collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign industry. University scientists carry out 70 per cent of country’s higher education researches for business.

KTU offers six main fields of study: technological, physical and social sciences, arts, humanities and biomedicine. Our university gives an actual opportunity to gain perspectives and demand in contemporary labour market and to reach career heights. Many Lithuanian business leaders and senior managers are the graduates of KTU.

Currently, Kaunas University of Technology is successfully moving forward to become the university of science and innovations, which would provide effective cooperation among the studies, science and business.



Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas (Lithuanian Sports University) Laboratory of Kinesiology has many years of experience in assessment of human functional state and long-term monitoring. Together with the Institute of Cardiology developing methods, algorithms and computer programs for recording cardio signals (ECG) and their analysis systems.

Laboratory is experienced in assessing elite athletes’ functional fitness, as well as health-enhancing functional status of individuals, monitoring their body’s functional status and movement characteristics of locomotion, the use of various technologies, including wireless technology for such purposes.



The company was founded in 2002 and since then provides the programming, consulting and hardware maintenance services. Company is located in central Lithuania (Kaunas city).
Our company is majoring in manufacturing and stock optimization software creation, reusable software components creation and their maintenance, virtual tour software creation, web system development.